Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Instant Obssesion. How about Cheese on instant noodles ?

Instant noodles have been my best travel companion especially when I'm on a really tight budget. More often, it is due to the laziness to cook that drive me craving for a pack or two. There are so many brands and range of flavours to choose from. But at time, plain instant noodles without any add-on can be as dull as dishwater. Perhaps 2 frankfurters will make your day.

Cheese is such a magical complement that it literally works on anything. Cheese on instant noodles is my latest obssesion. It is just that simple by adding a piece of the goodness on top and let it melt through the heat of the pipping hot soup. The cheese create those creamy texture that will twsit your instant dining experience towards a more interesting one. Somes claim it works best on te Korean shin-spicy noodles.

And of course, instant noodles are so durable that you can be as creative as possible. Only your immagination is the limitation. It can be served economically as well as a fine dining experience. Therefore, I reckon instant noodle is the greatest invention of the fast food history.

Ps : Please do not remind me that this is not the heathiest food on earth yo.


smoochie said...

oh boy, cheese with instant mee? can they go together? might wanna try it one day, when i'm running out of the frankfurters..

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