Saturday, September 04, 2010

Hell Pizza @ New Zealand. The quickest way to HELL.

Hell pizza is one of those food chain that gaining their fame through catchy theme and their controvesial advert.  Hell is a New Zealand based pizza chain which have since expanded to the Aussie land and as far as the UK and Canada. (Cited from wikipedia)

The theme of their restaurant are often of cemetery themed and flaming pattern sofa for customer's comfort. The chain that I went to even have this R.I.P (Rest In Peace) stone as their tilt machine. 

I ordered two 10 inches thin based pizza and hoping to receive it in their infamous coffin box. Only to realize that only the large 12.5 inches will be served in a coffin.

We were given dices in a set of five as a complementary gift. It turn up to be a game called Zilch. It works in a sense that each note on the dice represent a 100 points. A player rolling to 10,000 points exactly wins. As for me, it is just another souvenir from New Zealand.

Hell pizza adapted the seven deadly sins as the title of their standard pizza. Marvelous marketing strategy they have.  I opted for their gourmet range by having the "cursed" which is topped by ham, chicken, bacon, gherkins and honey mustard.

This is their "trouble" pizza make of salami, bacon, chicken, pineapple and camembert.  It is just a conversion of Hawaiian pizza with a fancier name. Rather disappointing indeed. All their 10 inches gourmet range are priced @ NZD10.5 and NZD17 for a large 12.5 inches.

All in all, it was more of the dining experience rather than their pizzas.

By the way, a 7.1 magnitude quake strucked Christchurch this morning. It was indeed a miracle itself that no life lost reported just yet considering that the shake had pretty much destroyed a large part of the central business district. God bless CCH.


suituapui said...

My daughter loves this place in Welly. Oooo...yours certainly looks good. Too bad you did not get the coffin box - I would love to see that. Heard so much about it! Prices are reasonable...

Charles said...

Yeah..served in a coffin box wd have done my day..taste wise..they just does not impress me..maybe i shd try their different branch

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