Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Jess Lee Jia Wei 李佳薇 is a Malaysian

Jess Lee Jia Wei 李佳薇 has been a household name for the past few days among the Chinese community around the globe. Particularly in Malaysia. For being the first Malaysian ever to win the 超級星光大道, a Taiwanese based singing competition which is equally well known as American Idol of the Chinese world. Kudos to her. Jess is making Malaysian real proud.

I'm not jumping in the bandwagon to discuss about her victory here. But I'm rather let down with some of the comments the Chinese Malaysians left on Youtube. There were criticisms saying that Jess is not suppose to sing a Malay Song "Gemilang" as well as to converse in Malay to thank the Malaysian fans. And I see Jess done that in an absolutely brilliant way. She does not forget her identity of being a Malaysian and fully utilized the multi lingual ability of being Malaysian. Chinese Malaysian in a singing competition does not have slight disadvantage at all. We are bringing in our own characteristic. It is this element that sustain. Well done, Jess !!

While, there were comments that "yet another Malaysian artist shined in the foreign land but not locals". Fair enough, most the Chinese Malaysian artists make their name overseas before they would ever get noticed back home. Does that means we do not have the platform for Chinese Malaysian artists to shine in Malaysia ? Does that means that we do not have the atmosphere for the artists to grow ? My 2 cents is most of these Chinese Malaysian artists were trying so hard back home, with the opportunity given, the platform to perform. Yet the core element in an entertainment business, which is us , the fans are not there to support them. So stop blaming that Malaysia does not give Chinese Malaysian artists a platform. We are given as much freedom as any other races in the country.

It is the fans that does not willing to even spend a bloody 10 bucks to support our Malaysian movie. Without the fans recognition, artists moved overseas, gaining their fame. Then We, the bloody sick Chinese Malaysian starting to join the bandwagon to celebrate their glory. Get a life !!!

Support our very own entertainment business be it local music or film industry.


Landy said...

YES!! I support Jess all the time!!!

suituapui said...

That's the Malaysian Chinese attitude - never praise their own, always criticize, not supportive in any way.

Charles said...

sad ehhh

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