Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pho Hoa, Tropicana City Mall. Vietnamese Beef Noodles Soup

 I tend to have a soft spot for any kind of noodles soup particularly Vietnamese style. It will be my obvious choice if any food court/shopping mall is serving one of these. Restaurant Pho Hoa, as the name suggested they are specialized in Vietnamese Pho (Flat Noodles Soup). Vietnamese Noodles soup usually comes with lime, mint and coriander leaves as condiments. By adding in some chopped chillies, your bowl of Pho is perfectly sour, spicy, sweetened by onions, beef broth as well as a refreshing minty after taste. A bowl of regular adventurer's choice of briskets, flanks, tendons, steaks and tripe @ RM18.90 has never fail to satisfy me.

 Restaurant Pho Hoa is a Vietnamese food chain started off in North America and has since established around the globe. A bowl of regular Pho is usually in the range of RM15.90 to RM18.90. With the large bowl priced at RM2.00 more. Pho Hoa is one of the place that I reckon served a better version of these Vietnamese proud.

As appetizer, we had the Gol Muc (Squid Salad) @ RM6.90 which is a rather let down as the squids were tough and chewy. The taste was rather dull either. I dont think I will order that again for my next visit. While, Cha Trung Hap, home style steamed chicken & egg pie was simply marvelous. Best served with the companion sauce. The thin vermicelli mixed in the pie, added comfort dining texture towards every mouthful that you savour. Cha Trung Hap is priced @ RM5.90 for a bar size. 

I really hope that I will get to visit Vietnam some time this year for a real authentic bowl of hawker style Pho. It has been such a comfort food to me that the crave for it is as strong as sexual drive. ^_^



Nava.K said...

looks not too bad, check out Vietnam Kitchen on my blog, also another Vietnamese franchise I suppose

juzatinkle said...

you will love Uncle Cheng Special Beef Noodles in SS2 (opposite Lorenzo) a restoran now.

further details in FBook or call the Chef: 0123030626 for direction.

Really serves Good Quality Beef!

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