Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sibu...I Love You

Flying to the moon. Sibu, home sweet home. Ever since you step into that little boarding platform to Sibu, you will be flooded with Foo Chow dialect from both your left & right. When literally 90 % on the airplane are speaking Foo Chow, you know that you are on the right flight.

I call this little town, home because it brings me comfort, love and calmness.

My Mummy will stuff me with her home cooking which make me feels eating home is like a race against food. And just in case if you are wondering, i have my meal cook, not raw. 

Sibu is the only place that you can find pirated DVDs hanging/display on the rack as in nobody business. The usual rules and regulations do not work here ..... most of the time. ^-^

Sibu is so lovely that you have crystal clear blue sky.

That within a second, be expect to get yourself wet. It is so unpredictable.

Even the Sibuian's gecko/lizard like to drop their tail. 

 Kampua is like Sibuian's first love. It is not about how beautiful, how sexy she is. It is how she turn up to be your best companion whenever your sexual desire(Hunger) is on. We talk about memory, the sweetest memory of the first time. When we savour Kampua ever since as a toddler. First time is the deepest and i keep going back for more !!

Now you know how much I love Sibu.


Chia Wei said...

clicked hehe

nebular said...

Hey, I wish to be back home too!!!!!!

suituapui said...

Ah! You went to Soon Hock for kampua!!! I can recognise the plate. e-Cafe is in that very same block - the other end (somewhere opposite LeRun bicycle shop, I think). Wah! Your house so big! So rich!!!

suituapui said...

Aha!!! I know now!!! Judging from one of the photos, you must be Raymond's brother! Right??? Bet I am! I'm so clever! Hahahahaha!!!!

Charles said...

Yes.Very wise indeed. Just like Sherlock Holmes. OOoopsss..that place was soon hock ? I thought it was Mei i think i know where it is now..e-cafe..the laksa & kampua special eiii..

suituapui said...

Oh? You didn't go Soon Hock? So Mei Le also uses that kind of plate - next to Sweet Smelling Bakery. Some people like the kampua there - I think Soon Hock's better.

Charles said...

No...u r right was soon hock that i went's been a while since i really spend time back in it all confused.

Yeah...i think i prefer soon hock too...used to enjoy Mei Le as they use garlic as the ingredient. But find it a little off standard now...haizzzzz

ah^kam_koko' said...

There's no place like home!
Do your best & enjoy yourself in NZ!

Charles said...

To Ah Kam : Cheers..i will certainly enjoy my time there

David said...

Nice post.. enjoyable read.

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