Saturday, January 23, 2010

Three Straight Wins for KL Dragons

I was glad to know that KL Dragons had strike three straight wins. Earlier on they managed to beat the top two teams of the Asean Basketball League(ABL) namely Philippine Patriots and Singapore Slingers. Today the Dragons succeeded another win against the Indonesian Satria Muda Britama with a tight score line 70 – 67 in Jakarta. Standing at the bottom spot of the six teams league two week ago. KL Dragons realized how much extra effort they need to secure themselves at least a position in the four teams playoff.   

Coach Goh must have convinced his players not to give up and to stay fingers crossed. Some beautiful display from both locals and import players, secured us three important wins. These keep the Dragons playoff hopes alive. We are now on the fourth position, the final spot of the playoff. Our chance very much depends on the final game between Brunie Barracudas against the Pinoy Patriots tomorrow. Hopefully the Patriots will keep their pride as a leading team of the league by surpassing the Brunei and bring us into the playoff.

I must says that none of the six ABL teams are superiorly dominating the league. In fact, the games have been competitive enough with every team is having the chance to keep the last smile. No doubt that the Philippines are doing excellent in the sports that they have been dominating in this region. The Philippinos are playing as import players for almost every team in the league.  Hopefully there will be more and more local Asean basketball players playing as import for each other teams in the future. The concept of ABL itself is a healthy one for the basketball scene in this region which previously lack of competitive platform of such kind. I wish the ABL will grow from strength to strength for many years to come. So does our KL Dragons.

Kudos to Jamal Brown with the leading statistics of 20 points and 11 rebounds. Fingers crossed and we going to be in the playoff.


Charles said...

The Patriots have do us a big favor by thrashing Barracudas. And Yes....KL Dragons are in the playoff

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