Friday, January 22, 2010

Sibu Pasar Malam ( Night Market )

I decided to head down to the pasar malam (Night Market) tonight since there is no home cooking.

If you are in search for something exotic, you will be disappointed. The closest you can get here is the different parts of Oink Oink (Piggy) either braised or deep fried. As for the more adventurous gluttons, i will suggest you head to some of the Sunday Market in rural town. You might be able to get some rather exotic wild life there. 

Instead of the usual chicken or beef Satay, this stall serves chicken butt or if you call it the bishop's nose, chicken heart and liver Satay. Which i got myself one each to try out. It cost RM 1 per skewer. 

They also have these really big grilled fishes that I'm really tempted to try. Hmm...perhaps next time around.  

The Siow Bee/Siu Mai in Sibu. 5 for RM2.

The Tao Fu Hua. I prefer the one in Sibu here as they don't use caramelized sugar as their soup base. Hence less sweet.

I was rather disappointed at first. I thought it was just another porky Bun. Till i tasted this Chinese Sausage in it. Well, that was what I'm paying for anyway. The combination of Chinese sausage in Bao is something rather new to my taste bud. Not bad at all. 

I spent nearly 15 bucks on street food in the night market itself. This is rather on the high end as of Sibu's dining standard. I find the food rather disappointing. The Pasar Malam once was a crave for me but it does not suit my taste bud anymore. I wonder if i started to be picky on food ??


Eumora said...

Invite you to try the new satay stall in sibu, next to Penjara Sibu, a cafe called Sri pelita.

Opened Daily from 5pm to 11pm except on mondays.

The satay is so far the best in Town.

Call me & will join you.

Bala Devan
016 888 0722

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