Sunday, January 10, 2010

Glutton's Journey - Penang (The Pearl of The Orient) Day 1

Quick update to wrapped up my first day food hunting in Penang.

Okay. This one ain't penang. Raw Fish Congee@ Petaling Street aka China Town KL.

Mixed Beef Kuey Teow

Fried Oyster

Oink Oink Goodness

Pork Intestine Congee

Lor Bak

Too lean for Pork Satay

Hokkian Mee / Prawn Mee

Con of the day. Oyster Mee ???

Nutmeg Juice

Fish Ball + Duck Meat Kuey Teow

Penang Version of Pork Mee

To wrapped off the first day. It was as disappointing as the cannon shot. Certainly there is more to come. Cao.


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