Monday, January 25, 2010

Sugar Bun - The McDonald's of East Malaysia

I still remember there was this fast food restaurant right opposite Sacred Heart secondary school which was selling their hamburger at RM0.99 each. But none of this local fast food restaurant managed to sustain in this competitive industry. Sugar Bun as a fast food chain from Sarawak was the first of its kind in Sibu. They used to be Sibuian's favorite fast food right before McDonald's invasion. 

Sugar Bun has the status of the McDonalds of East Malaysia. They started off by just selling burgers and fried chickens. But now in order to stay competitive, their management bring in Asian fusion such as Nasi Lemak, Assam Fish Head, Char Kuey Teow, Claypot Rice plus western culinary including multiple kind of spaghetti. The comfy ambiance is just like any modern kopitian/fast food chain with WIFI connection at your convenience.  

Sugar Bun claimed their chicken are broasted fried instead of deep fried. It means that their chickens are been prepare on a pressure fryer. Broasted chicken  is said to be crispy on the outside and moist on the inside just like traditional fried chicken but less greasy.

So here we go, a piece of the broasted goodness to try on. It makes no different with any other fried chicken. But it was definitely above average. True as the description juicy from the inside.    

 Once a favorite of mine. Sugar Bun's signature fish fillet burger. I prefer theirs version than the McDonald's fillet-O-fish. Do not expect chunky fish patty as this is just a fillet. It is quite reasonably priced @ RM5.90 consider this rather inflated economy.

This is such a classic musical box. I reckoned you will only find this in both of the Sugar Bun chains. I used to insert RM 1 coin (when it was still in used maybe 12 years ago ?) into the machine in order to play my favorite tune. Those were the era of Backstreet boys and the SPICY girls. I wonder if this machine is still workable? Judged on its torn look, i highly doubt it. Yet another old time innovation failed to sustain in the fast pace reality.


Anonymous said...

fish burger has been always my fav & by far is the best of Sugarbun!

Huai Bin said...

Yup, their fish burgers is the best compared to all the other fast food places.

william (wN) Ng | Remaining Humble said...

OMG, that still existed? I have been looking for it all over Klang Valley, I guess they can't make it in bigger market. It's ok. Eat on behalf of me.

theeggyolks said...

I only visit them for their icecream in "the spring shopping mall", kuching -_-"

Charles said...

To HB : Yeah..their fish burger. Top Notch.

To William : The Sugar Buns are doing pretty well over here..but not on the other half of Malaysia though. However, there have been have been some enquiries on their franchise over the klang valley area. Might be a new branch soon over there in the tough market.

To eggyolk : The ice cream ? nice aa?

DC said...

Seems interesting!

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