Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Fall of A Great Kingdom is The Rise of Another Hidden Dragon. Accenture @ Averis

  As the old saying goes : All good things must come to an end. 07.01.2010 marks the full stop of my working life with Accenture which based at their client side, Averis. No more entry to Plaza Sentral.

No more early train catch.

No more "The most desirable breakfast" from Tony.

No more work hour celebrations.

 No more lunch hour gossiping.

What stays are the great memories of a decent team.

Moral encouragement and unselfish assistance.

 Great buddies to be missed.

Brilliant people to travel with.

We share the joys and tears.

Well taken care of.

People comes, people goes.

My turn arrived too.

Heart warming memories to be embraced for decades to go.

The End of Yet Another Chapter.

Marks The Beginning of A Brand New Era.


Anonymous said...

remind me my last day~~~~

Hwi Chen said...

remind me my last day~~~~

Charles said...

Very sad eii

Anonymous said...

dun feel sad char is moving on....u moving towards your dream....although we will miss u so much, but we do support ur decision....people come people go...everyone is moving on and shoudn't stop at a single point for single thing....


suituapui said...

Good luck in your future undertakings! Life goes on...and we have to keep moving - nothing stays the same.

Charles said...

To El : is moving on well

To STP : It takes great courage to do so eee haha

Anonymous said...

i love your blog!

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