Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Golden 2011

Happy new year 2011 !! This is gonna be my first post in the year 2011. I'm going to make it freestyle. So random, with no theme. The fact that I'm uploading a picture of butter crabs have nothing to do with what I'm going to write about. 

First of all, kudos to the Malaysian football team for bringing home the Suzuki cup. It was the first senior title after the 1989 SEA game gold medals. The Harimau Malaya is truly the king of ASEAN football in 2010 as we emerged champion as well on the earlier SEA game in Laos, an under-23 event.  

Lets hope the Westport KL Dragons is going to go strong as well to secure their first ABL title. Releasing of Hartman can be pretty sad. If it is for good of the team, it is most welcome. New adding, Justin Leith seems to be a tough player. That is exactly what we need. We need to add that bit of depth in the paint, we need to be rough and nasty. Lets hope that Nakaie and Justin combination can release more shooting chances  to Patrick, Rudy and Guga from 3 points range. Is Justin Leith the answer ? We shall wait till the next game.

With the Christmas and New Year celebration ceased to memory, the next anticipated big time is the Chinese New Year. I finally bought my flight ticket. To avoid Air Asia burning a hole on my wallet, I need to transit in Kuching instead of direct flight to Sibu. And I need to leave my home town on the second day of CNY to save a couple hundred bucks. But I'll be back as earlier as 27th Jan, that shall pretty much ease the sorrow.

And finally I wish everyone to have a prosperous 2011 as golden as the butter crabs. Be it in wealth, health, career, academically and relationship wise.


eiling lim said...

Happy New Year to you and cheers!

Charles said...

Hi Eiling...happy new year. What a pleasure to have such a celebrity dropping by..haha...good day

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