Monday, December 27, 2010

Malaysia VS Indonesia 3-0 Suzuki Cup Final, First Leg

It was perhaps the best match of 2010 for Malaysian football team. A clean 3-0 win against Indonesia on the first leg of Suzuki Cup Final last night was indeed a result to behold by the whole nation. 

The turn out of the supporters were magnificent. Our national team has long miss a full house support like this in Bukit Jalil. Closed to 90,000 football fanatics shown up to cheer the national team and they witnessed the future of Malaysian football. A team which consist of mostly Under-23 players, a SEA game gold medalist backbone. This is the team that carry on Malaysian challenge in Suzuki cup which represent the highest honour of Asean football. They have to compete against players that are much more senior and well known such as the like of Bambang Pramungkas.  Yet our talented bunch are coping really well. Our boys were playing some really interesting footie, beautiful short passes, combination that managed to tear Indonesian defense apart. 

Though we have some 90,000 in the stadium last night. We still have majority who does not even know that Malaysian is in the final of a football competition. Perhaps they does not even realize that Malaysia has a football team. Yet these majority know that Arsenal is playing against Chelsea tonight. They would rather giving up their precious sleep to support team which does not have slight connection with them and neglecting their own nation. 

Fair enough that in football you play to gain your respect and support. I do hope that these bunch have really earn your attention. They are really playing their heart out for the nation. Lets hope that our Harimau Malaya can stand along the Indonesian wave in Jakarta to wrap up a fruitful year of Malaysian football with a king of Asean crown.


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