Saturday, December 25, 2010

Brotzeit - German Bier Bar & Restaurant @ Mid Valley

Merry Christmas everyone !! One of my Christmas wish this year is to feast myself German food and beer. The wish was fulfilled on Christmas Eve @ Brotzeit, German Bier bar & restaurant.

 Brotzeit is having good review from that small country next door(our SG neighbour). I'm glad that they finally venturing Malaysian culinary scene and giving gluttons another choice when comes to German cuisine. Brotzeit is one of the relatively new eatery located @ Mid Valley Megamall. The ambiance is cozy and spacious enough for friends gathering and team lunch of office workers. So boss, can I suggest this place as the next team lunch outfit ?

 With such a bar set, you will know what you can expect.

 Yes !! the infamous German beer. Paulaner's original Munich lager on the left and Paulaner's Weissbier on your right. Priced @ RM28 for a full pint. Smooth, awesome stuff.

 Food wise, we ordered the notorious pork knuckle with Sauerkraut(some sort of pickle onions) and mashed potatoes. RM85++, this dish is good enough to stuff up two massive eaters like us and good enough for 4 moderate eaters.

 It does takes time for the knuckle to be served but the waiting was all well worth it. Good food does take time to prepare anyway.Crispy, crunchy skins and the melt in the mouth fat are those to die for. I will kill just to have a little more if I'm sharing. The meat goes very well with the German Lager too.

 Am I satisfy ? Well, Let the photo tells the story then. It was all sweep clean !! I even have that evil thought of ordering it as a single portion just for myself. No sharing !!


ken said...

i didnt know MV has a german restaurant.. must check out one day :)

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