Thursday, February 04, 2010

Glutton with a Broken Heart - Kuching's Food

This is claimed best kolo mee in the cat city. This stall used to park under a restaurant named Min Joo but has since switched to Nextz Restaurant along Bishopgate street.

What make theirs so special is that bowl of Piggy spare parts soup. And of course their one of a kind, vinegar kolo mee. Most of the customers will prefer to have the "kosong" version of the kolo mee just to go with the soup. A dash of vinegar in the mee kolok does taste surprisingly good. 

Their specialty soup was indeed very rich in ingredients. The livers, ears, lungs, tails, fat meat, lean meat, minced meat, chicken meat, fish balls, fish cakes...gosh. The soup is flavored with seaweed and preserved vegs. I left with a big smile of satisfaction on my face.

I washed off my breakfast with a glass of Kuching Teh C peng. I had been drinking numerous of Teh C peng along my stay in Kuching and none of them impressed me. A mamak Teh ais will have easily beaten this Kuching's pride.

Literally after an hour, i spotted Kuey Chap. Again another round of Piggy spare parts. Rather disappointing with the sweet sambal they served.

I never get tired of Kuching Kolo Mee. In fact it has always been topping the list whenever I'm deciding what to eat. I simply enjoy my noodles to be accompanied by so many ingredients.

I closed the chapter with a plate of rather average tomato Kuey Teow. My two days in Kuching has been rather quiet in terms of food savoring. I caught myself a flu and a man will not enjoy any delicacy with a broken heart.


Anonymous said...

time will cure your broken heart........

suituapui said...

Cheer up! Some things are not meant to be and it's better now than later. Move on - life goes on!

Charles said...

To El : Yeah..healing now

To STP : cheers...i'm moving on now...

thenomadGourmand said...

Broken heart? Im sorry to hear that. I jz broke up 1 mth ago. So yea..

but food makes things better ..even for a while..

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