Thursday, October 21, 2010

Osaka Restaurant @ Christchurch NZ - Cheap but Cool

 If you happen to be in Christchurch, feeling hungry and looking for a budget yet filling mid-day lunch. Or if you are just a poor traveler like me, who is looking to be well-fed in order to skip a meal in between. Then Osaka Restaurant of 129 Gloucester st is the place to be.

Yes, NZD8 for a lunch meal may not be the most economic. The catchy deal is that they are offering unlimited salads, Miso soup and hot steamy white rice !!! Considering that most of the Asian meal in NZD will range from NZD 8 onwards anyway, why not feast yourself with unlimited Miso soup and rice ?

 The unlimited salads with Japanese sauce. Gosh !! I just love the word *UNLIMITED.

 This is my lunch meal special, spicy fried chicken curry. Thought I have never been a fan of Japanese curry which is rather to the sweet side. But mind me, this one is actually pretty good. Anything gravy is good to go with white rice anyway. And I really enjoy their Miso soup too. Thumbs up.


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