Friday, October 22, 2010

Coffee Culture @ Timaru - Every good thing does come to an end.

 Today is the last day of my whole working holiday journey in New Zealand. It has been 8 months since. 8 months of sweet and sour. I will be departing to Melbourne before flying home.

 The sweet little her thought of buying me a breakfast. So we head to her favourite cafe, Coffee Culture.

Her favourite order, Iced chocolate. Dear, it is just not very nice to order yourself an iced drink in the morning though.  Seriously think the barista there has a very poor sense of decoration. Ugly mess ehh. ^^

 My cup of chocolate latte. Double shots of espresso, double shots of chocolate and double shots of steamed milk. That is what it claimed to be.

 The Jelly-tip cheese cake @ NZD6.90. With Yogurt. Cheese cake + Yogurt ?? Unique, I would say. The sour taste of Yogurt does seem to over power the cheese cake. We had to leave the Yogurt to a waste.

 Fresh fruit salad @ NZD7. That is a real burn in the wallet with those tiny little pieces. Hell.
Salamis & Gherkins with seeded topping bagel @ NZD5.90. Well, at least this one is very delightful and reasonably priced.

You have pretty much form a large part of my memories in New Zealand. Sincerely wishing you the very best of health and a blissful future ahead. May we meet again someday, somewhere. Thanks for the treat and more of all, been such a meaningful character. Take care sweetie. ^^


Anonymous said...

dear,hope us to have a reunion once more.take care

Charles said...

I'm sure we will.^^

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