Thursday, October 07, 2010

In Search For The Best Fish & Chips...

I have been in search for that perfect Fish & Chips ever since I left England. I failed miserably as the best seems to be only from its country of origin, UK. New Zealand, as a former colonial of  Great English empire and the huge amount of Brits descent immigrants have heaps of takeaways that serve this Brits proud fast food.

My several experiences of Fish & Chips in New Zealand had disappointed me constantly. Up until few days ago, when I was in this little town called Whitianga of Coromandel Peninsula. It was in a takeaway named Snapper Jack that I rediscover my long lost jewel. I ordered a crumbed dory @ NZD3.90, Hoki @ NZD2.90 and portion of chips @ NZD1.50. A total of NZD8.30, which might cost double if it is served in a fine dining eatery.

My version of decent Fish & Chips is just as simple as - fresh fish, thick meat which provide mouthful experience and served with thick cut chips. And Snapper Jack earned all the ticks !!!.

A glimpse at the menu of a Kiwi's takeaway. Lots of takeaways (especially those of a fishing town) are operating as a fresh fish markets as well as a fast food takeaways. Thus, a decent selection of fish ranges to choose from.

 A mere 30/40 mins drive from Whitianga bring you to Coromandel town where smoked mussel is a must try. The Coromandel smoking company carry it at its best. The mussels are smoked in several flavours such as the garlic, barbecue and spicy. Priced @ NZD4.40 per 100g, it is certainly not a cheap snack to savour especially for a budget traveler like me.


melmonica said...

It really does look good. Cheerios~

suituapui said...

Dunno where my sis-in-law took me in Auckland...small shop facing the sea - the fish and chips there were very good.

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