Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kangaroo Fillet @ Melbourne

I was having my transit in Melbourne, Australia the other day before heading back to Malaysia. It was a full whole day which I fully utilized on just food rather than sight seeing in that second largest metropolitan of Australia. Topping my list was, of course the one and only aborigine of the OZ land; the Kangaroo. It wasnt as common as I thought to sample Kangaroo steak in restaurant downtown. I went through quite a few restaurants only to find none on their menu. Well, I do came across a raw one in the mighty Queen Victoria Market. I was left devastated and seeking help from the tourist information center.

 With the direction from the I-site, I managed to track this goodness in one of the restaurant located @ south bank of Yarra River. They are serving it just as an entree, a kangaroo fillet, instead of steak.

 Priced @ AUD14.90. Kangaroo tasted like as you may already know, beef. Well, at least its texture is close enough to beef. Since both of them are from the "red meat" family, you dont need a culinary expert's taste bud to justify that. The fillets had been heavily marinated and was served with a lime. I wonder if Kangaroo meat has the same strong odour smell as lamb ? 


melmonica said...

Wow, quite exxy, ey? But at least you get to try it once in a lifetime hehe. Cheerios x)

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