Sunday, December 27, 2009

25th December @ Chilli's Grill and Bar

It may seem a little lack of inspiration. The lady of the night has the crave after Chili's. Trying to impress, here we are at the Chilli's for our Christmas dinner.

The queue was long as usual. We got our seat reserved and went back again after 45 mins. Noticed this rather funky line at the waiting area.

Need no further introduction. Chili's grill and bar is well known for their ala American, Mexican food.

Instead of their signature starter, grilled hot buffalo wings. We opted for Ranch Wings to kick off the appetite. The deep fried version. We were served with six big buffalo wings, no no eight wings together with three different dipping. Namely the mayo, garlic mayo and personal preference, the unknown red sauce which taste wise similar to Tabasco legendary pepper sauce. 

In case you have this doubt in mind. It was indeed eight huge chicken wings. Battered fried. It was really crispy but a little dry to my standard. The taste is similar to those Southern Fried Chicken. Been a Malaysian, we all love Kentucky Fried Chicken instead even though you might complain that it may not taste as nice as those days anymore.

 The Fajita Trio. You will have grilled chicken, lovely juicy prawns and grilled tender steak garnished with Jalapenos & Onions served on a hot iron skillet.

Wikipedia - Fajita is a Tex - Mex cuisine. Referring to grilled meat served on a flour or corn tortilla

The condiments are guacamole, shredded lettuces, tomatoes and cheese. We though the white chunky was Mayonnaise but it was not. It tastes yogurt.

Condiments on the tortilla.

Some meat cuts and sprinkled with grilled Jalapenos & Onions. A pleasure for your taste bud. But a little over priced @ RM 40.95.

I always prefer a burger to be served with real steaky, chunky patty rather than a poor tiny little meat slice. Chilli's has never let me down on their selection of burger. Beef bacon burger @ RM20.95, is a steal. You can't grumble on this. I had half of this on top of my Fajita Trio. We both have to skip dessert.

We had the rest of the night overstuffed. They should have warn us.

Eat Responsibly !!


suituapui said...

I've eaten there before. VERY nice...but quite expensive. Love the signs - I guess the last one refers to the boozing! LOL!!!

Charles said... is indeed for the alcohol. But i guess i need to remind myself to eat responsibly too..been over-consumed lately.

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