Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What ? Murni again ??

A quickie post here on my yet another visit to Murni Discovery in the past ten days or so. Not to use the word obsess, simply because this is the right restaurant to sample something a little out of the ordinary. Oh!! With reasonable price too.

This time around I ordered their Beef Meat Bomb Spaghetti. This is said to be one of their signature as well. I had the cabonara version instead of the usual tomato base. Just can’t be bother my Spaghetti to be served on tomato ketchup unless it is of real tomatoes chunk puree such as the one from Italianese,  

Just like the one in William’s mamak, the spaghetti comes with six huge beef meat balls stuffed with cheese. The meat balls was done medium rare. Taste wise, it was too peppery for me. It simply outcast the beef taste. I guess they are trying to reduce the beefy taste by peppering the balls. To the extent which does not suit my liking. While, the spaghetti was nicely done with chicken slices, hams, hotdogs, mushrooms, scallops, topped with cheese and Italian herbs.  

Again I’m ordering their Pandan chicken which is still as nice as my previous visit. Priced at RM4 a piece, I will consider their Nasi Goreng with Ayam Pandan as a more value meal at RM 7.

My lady of the night was having this. This is nor Omelet or random telur goring. It’s their Nasi Goreng Pattaya. Very plain indeed, i reckoned better imagination with my own version.

I’m going to stop here.  I’m not on my usual laptop. This workstation is killing me. Dragging me to hell. I can hardly type not to mention uploading pictures. Hopefully I will get my laptop back from the clinic tomorrow.   


suituapui said...

Hey! I just mentioned meatballs with spaghetti in my reply to your comment...before I hopped over here! That sure looks good! And the pandan chicken's HUGE! Not the pattaya rice though - the one I always have at Thomson Corner here in Sibu looks better - as least presentation-wise. Where's this place? Maybe I can go and try when I go over to KL next month...

Charles said...

Yes STP....u shd give this place a try. They have wide variety of selection. They are in PJ area. Let me know if u are in PJ area. I might be able to direct u but i will be home for a week then. Anyway, they are pretty well known here.

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