Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Holly Jolly December

December has always been a month full of joy. With Christmas just merely less than ten days away, everyone seem to be in festive mood. During my time in Sunderland, the 7 days between Christmas and New year are the Brits joyous celebration. We used to have one whole week off work.

 I will be working for second consecutive years on 25th itself due to my role of supporting China. A nation which does not declare Christmas as public holiday. No more white Christmas. Anyway, the company's recreation club - The ARC thrown us a Xmas lunch cum Secrete Santa/Santee Gift Exchange today.

Each of us will go throw a lucky draw process to pick that lucky person of ours. As for me, i picked Cindy of Finance Dept. I had the honour to be her Secret Santa of the day. Notice the purple bag at the far end ? That's my Secret for this special lady.

The ARC again was generous enough to feed us with buffet lunch on the corridor of each respective floor.

 The buffet selection ranged from fried rice & fried noodles to lamb,chicken, Japanese toufu and chlli brinjal. Taste wise, it was good. I appreciated the ARC effort and sincerity on taking care of the employees' welfare in a more fun giving way.

My pick of the day, some said this is "Ikan Masak Lemak". While, some claimed this is Thai Green Fish Curry as this is not as spicy. But it was my favourite for sure simply because i enjoy chunky fish.

Not forgetting the ladies' favourite, the desserts corner. My pick of the corner : the banana pudding.

Christmas is all about sharing & giving. So my return as a Secret Santa, a box full of  Ferrero Rocher. Cheers.

Chia Yuan with the beautiful mistake. An Elianto gift set. Chia Yuan is a wonderful name indeed but can be misleading sometimes. Especially when your Screte Santa/Santee think you are the opposite sex. There are more celebrations in the office next week. What a holly jolly month indeed.

Claypot Lou Shu Fun & Carrot Special as my late dinner/supper from the newly open Murni@ Aman Suria. This is the branch of the infamous Murni of SS2. From the family of William's Mamak Aka Italianies Tepi Jalan. My special credit to the cincalok taste chilli paste.

 A close up on the Lou Shu Fun. A claypot full of mince meat plus some shrimps & squids with an egg on the top. Equally good with the famous version from the China Town, Petaling Street.


suituapui said... nice - your office Xmas celebration... How much per head is a buffet like that where you are? Should be quite expensive - RM40-50?

Charles said...

I will not know how much they have to pay for the buffet. Shd be quite reasonable as due to corporate rate. My guess in between RM30. LoL

Anonymous said...

so bad i cant join u all for x'mas celebration in Averis....huhuhuhuhuhuhu....

Charles said...

Anonymous...just knock on the glass door...i will open the door for u LOL

el said...

the door was unlocked during the celebration...another is coming

Charles said...

El...that is scary....r u telling me a ghost story?

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