Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner @ Restaurant Nasi Kandar Sedap

Restaurant Nasi Kandar Sedap has always been my favorite place for mamak food. Not because they are geographically near to the place that i stay. I'm not gonna be a lazy bun when it comes to food hunting. In fact we have Kayu Nasi Kandar, a more established mamak chain just a block away. But Restaurant Sedap still win the race.

This is usually the serving that i frequent for my dinner. Nasi Kandar with your chosen dishes. I had a tremendously huge Fried Chicken breast, deep fried bitter gourd and lady fingers. And to pour/mix random kind of curry gravy on your rice formed nasi kandar which is a Penang delicacy.
Deep fried bitter gourd. I do find myself over-indulge bitter gourd. Literally in any form. Up from the usual stir-fry, juice, stuffed and even deep fried version. I simply enjoy the bittery taste. 

Presentation wise it may look messy but you don't complain you will pay only RM6 for this big portion.  The mix curry gravy is heavenly. Addictive i shall say. 

Rasam, a kind of South Indian sour soup. A must order for me whenever i'm having banana leaf rice or nasi kandar. You will usually get it free of charge. It is very appetizing and apparently it helps while having flu.

I reckoned they serve the best roti canai in my area. Their roti planta and roti sardin are both equally great. The level of crispiness is just nice with less floury texture. Their roti selection has usually been my favorite supper of the night.


kenwooi said...

looks yummy =D

Charles said...

To Kenwooi : Indeed.

Anonymous said...

hey this mamak restraunt is in Bandar Sri Damansara right ?

Charles said...

This is @ Aman Suria / Dataran Prima

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