Monday, December 28, 2009

Ninja Joe Is A Master of Pork Burger

Was having a movie marathon today in Tropicana Mall. Namely, Bodyguards & Assassins and Avatar for the second time as my lady hasn't watch it yet. I was surprise to see Mengke Bateer, Chinese Mongolian basketball player to be in the movie. He is pretty good actually as an actor.

Ninja Joe @ Tropicana Mall is a fast food joint in the town which specialize in pork burger. They are indeed the first to have only pork burger as the main attraction. 

As you can see, they serve only Oink Oink here.One preparation style six different favors.

Price wise it is RM5.95 for a single burger. They apply "The more you order the cheaper it get" concept. And if your name is Joe, prove it you will get RM1.00 off. Yeah, I will have to wait for their Ninja Charles branch.

I decided to go solo as i just had my 1901 hotdogs ealier on. My choice was the teriyaki flavor. Trust me, you will get a little disappoint with the size of the burger. It is more or less a size of McDonald's Hamburger or might be smaller.

But the taste had pretty much make over my disappointment. I, for once have the urge to order for another few. Size does not really matter in this case. Presentation wise it can be as simple as how you think a normal burger should be. The pork patty was tender and juicy. It goes really well with the sweet teriyaki sauce. But it is a little off, value wise. I need at least five of these to call off a meal !! 

This is a pure Malaysian joint. I do hope them to sustain. To have branches in the future. To have a more extensive menu and of course a bigger burger. I'm sure gluttons like us don't mind to pay few extra bucks.  

Ninja Joe : No Spam Just Pure Pork !! 


Kelvin Tan said...

Pork burger!!! I wanna try.
Ninja Joe @ Tropicana huh? Ok got it. :)

Charles said...

Yes mate...give it a go..we man don't mind about size anyway...oh no...we do actually.

Yummy~licious said...

Love pork burger!! Haf 1 at aman suria also..blogged about it last week...It's nice! =) yummy~ bdw click click ur NZ n digi!

suituapui said...

Not into burgers and stuff...but pork? Would love to give it a try...but you said it's small! just can't have it all, eh?

Charles said...


STP : The size of the burger is pathetic..reckon at least 3 for me

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