Thursday, May 05, 2011

The sperm collector machine !! WTF

This is what I came across on Daily Chili today. A sperm collector machine !! Or I should rather portrait it as a bloody Sex Toy for mens. Read on and justify on your own !

"Gentlemen, you need not sit in private and be "stimulated" to produce semen samples for your doctor anymore.

A Chinese company has invented a sperm collector machine, which was demonstrated at this year's China International Medical Equipment Fair.

SanWe, the maker has described it as "a device [that] can simulate the movement of a woman's vagina".

Read the product description on its official site:"It can simulate vaginal environment through massage, twitching, sucking [and] vibration, [and can] act upon the human penis, which can make semen collection fast and safe. It is the best clinical equipment of sperm collection."


Damn genius !! It actually makes dull sperm donation a much more interesting event to participate. I'm pretty sure there is no more sperm shortage in the hospital. Perhaps I shall register myself as a donor soon.


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