Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Another Day In The Paradise...

My first job in the New Zealand was as a volunteer for a local basketball club. That earned me two free tickets to watch the first match of the Christchurch Cougars in New Zealand basketball league.

Just like any other seasonal country, New Zealand has great blue sky.

Sharp colourful flower which turn every photo you take into a wallpaper quality for your desktop.

The appreciation on the sense of art. The Gothic revival art center @ Christchurch which used to be a campus of University of Canterbury.

The bridge of remembrance.In the memories of Canterbury contribution during the World War 1.

Punting @ Avon River. An old Cambridge traditional which reform here in the pacific ocean.

 Christchurch Tramway, another form of transport for tourists to tour the town.



suituapui said...

Lovely place, NZ... Hope to hop over soon...

Charles said...

@ STP - Yeah..bet u gonna pay ur daughter a visit soon ehhh

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