Saturday, March 20, 2010

Help Exchange WWOOFING @ Greymouth

I was delighted to start off my first real event in New Zealand with a homestay/help exchange in a lovely family @ Greymouth. Susan, an American who married Jeffrey, the Kiwi and had since settle down for 15 years in the west coast with a very adorable 11 years old young man, Navare. The couple spent a good whole year to built the house themselves with very little professional help. The house is such beautifully situated that you can see sunrise, sunset, scenery mountain and west coast from the living room as well as the master bedroom. You can even has a romantic glance of twinkle in the sky during starry night in their music room. Let alone the stars in the sky to be your companion to sleep.

Greymouth is the biggest town of the west coast with Grey river as the heart of the town. The town used to be the hub of gold mining business in New Zealand.

The weather in the west coast has not particularly win my favor. It has those typical old English gloomy weather lookalike. Gloomy and creepy.

At Susan's place you get to make your own bread. Chelsea the American girl is the best bread baker among us.

Then, you get to have fresh sandwiches for lunch. Fresh tomatoes, lettuces, apple cucumber from Susan's little green house. Life is so beautiful here.

The welcoming dinner. We learn to enjoy the nature taste of food. A perfect getaway from heavy seasoning Malaysian food.

Corned beef stew. Navare's favourite. It's a broth based on whole day cooking of carrots, potatoes, beans, white radish and of course the meat.

I make my first apple cucumber pickle here.

And my first lesson of gold mining from Jeffrey.Cheers. Your family has been a great host.


kenwooi said...

sighs the food is making me hungry edy.. havent had my lunch.. =/

YULI said...

wow! your life is amazing, my sister and i are working hard to go to NZ. wish to see you there, soon!

Anonymous said...

mush be irish cornbeef stew he? St. Patrick day

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