Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lantern Festival @ Christchurch

The New Zealanders were having their Lantern festival in favor of the Chap Goh May celebration. With the first station in Auckland on the exact day and Christchurch the week after.

The festival take place in lovely Victoria Garden Square. The Kiwis were giving their full support to the occasion with the square crowded with people of all ethnics.

Lanterns were set up surrounding almost every corner of the square. Its well represent the Chinese red as the symbol of wealth and prosperity.
There were performances from students of the University of Canterbury as well as artists from China. These acted as great eye opener for New Zealand on Chinese culture. 

Tai Chi performance from a local martial art center. Tai Chi and Chi Gong has become a popular recreation in New Zealand among the elderly.

A great opportunity to make quick cash for the Asians.

Of course, the Malaysians were there too. They were selling even Sarawak Laksa and lots of kuih. I didn't buy any of those as I'm still pretty much enjoy my Ham Sandwich and Western Salads. 

The event itself has been a great success in its sixth years. New Zealand seems to be a country which appreciate the culture of Immigrants or rather should I say they are well aware of the rise of China as a nation.


suituapui said...

The celebration's more elaborate than here - usually nothing but this year it coincided with the Tua Pek Kong birthday so there was a procession or something in town.

Charles said...

@ STP - it is always nice to experience CNY in other people land too...but still sibu has the best of all..

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