Saturday, March 06, 2010

What I Eat @ New Zealand

The German Bratwurst with wholegrain mustard.

My attempt on Salmon Shasimi.

Turn up to be Salmon & Sweet Corn pasta.

Grilled pan salmon.

Gourmet shoulder bacon sandwich as breakfast.

And of course Kiwi fruit from the Kiwiland. Though the Kiwi-land much refer to the animal than the fruit.

A lonely pint during the night.....


Jayden Tiong said...

Your life there seems terrific. Keep the photos coming~ Gd luck!

Charles said...


Anonymous said...

i love hotdog with mustard.... and Gourmet shoulder bacon sandwich

Hwi Chen ;-)

Anonymous said...

i love kiwi too, especially golden kiwi , kiwi in yellow colour... yummy, juicy and sweetness tat i cant resist..

>> hwi chen

Charles said...

@ Hwi Chen : Kiwi taste good here

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