Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wild Foods Festival @ Hokitika New Zealand

Wild Foods Festival is one of those yearly event that the Kiwi party goers mad of. It carry the motto of eat if you dare and whole day party throughout the festival's weekend.

Hippies, backpackers, clubbers are all going to flood this small little town of the west coast, Hokitika. The festival is almost everything to the town whereby you will see businesses even street graffiti carries the name of the festival.

It costs NZ35 for getting your ass into the venue.

The entire westland goes wild. Hips of people are dressing up for the party.

Even the Na'vis of Avatar joined in to party.

And of course, food festival has always been a heaven to glutton like me. The work sandwich - a combo of meat pattie, bacon and ham. Bloody good !!

The highlight of the festival - eating a raw Huhu Grub (Just like our Sago Worm). Not really a big deal for Asian like me. But it does caught a lot of attention among the Kiwis though. Thanks Susan for paying a freaking NZ5 for me to swallow that little protein rich Huhu.

While this was the pickled version. Which taste like sweet peanut butter.

Whitebait tasting which keep me wondering what is so wild about this little fish eehh ?

The Whitebait sandwich which looks like small baby lizard with pan fried omelet.

Paua Fritter and chips. Paua is a Maori name to species of sea snails.

Grasshoppers sushi and baguettes.

 The hairy mussels of New Zealand. Fresh and muscular ^^ NZ6

Worm in Redbull. To boost the energy of those little worms of mine ??

The lion ball. @ NZ2 I don't think you will expect the meat from the king of all animal....will you ?

A steal @ NZ5. Hickory spare ribs.

The Maori feast. Hangi. Food been wrapped and cook under the soil for more than 10 hours. The result ?? hard over cooked plate full of #$*&. Perhaps this is just another festival conning.

Kava - a Fijian drink which have a spiritual status and believe to get people stone after a few high rise consumption. It taste like muddy water and makes my tongue numb.

And of course, party and dance were going on for three full days. Which brought the whole west coast of New Zealand into fiesta.


suituapui said...

Hangi's very popular in NZ especially in Rotorua...but for almost RM100 - Gosh! That's as expensive as going for the buffet at Jogoya in KL!!!

Charles said...

STP - The one that i had wasn't nice at all..tasted like some kind of over cook oven food though...but i'm sure i will get to try the authentic one someday

Dorothy said... described well...about baby lizards with pan fried omelet...i will never look at whitebait the same again. eeewww!

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