Sunday, November 14, 2010

San Jian Chuang Pork Ball Noodles + Dry Curry Mee @ Aman Suria

I will like to think that I find a new obsession. San Jian Chuang pork ball noodles @ Restoran AS Suria (a corner turn b4 sunway mas commercial center) is very reasonably addicting that I frequent 2-3 times a week. I rated it as reasonably addictive been because of the rather generous portion and affordable price, a large bowl goes at RM4.50. As any of the similar establish, you can opt for either dry or soup version. I ordered myself a dry kuey teow version this time. The bowl of kuey teow is heaped with flavourful mince meat, dry bean curd, chinese sausages and a separate bowl of pork balls soup. There are tons of "San Jian Chuang pork balls" around the town, this one certainly make up their mark as my favourite of its kind.

On the other hand, I dropped by Restoran Two Millions @ Aman Suria for breakfast this morning. Just as I was spoiled by choices, I found this stall selling Ipoh Hor Fun and Curry Mee. So I settled with dry curry hor fun + mee as my choice. It turned out to be served with "Siu Yok" on top and I'm rather happy with it. The noodles is prepared with dark soy sauce and curry gravy. Mixed it out and it forms a good blend of taste. You just cant go wrong with anything which is curry based. Priced @ RM5, the portion is rather small and I guess I will stick with my new obsession of pork ball noodles instead. 

Which one do you prefer ?


suituapui said...

All look nice...but dunno where this place is. Doesn't ring the bell... Bet it's better than anything you can get in NZ and a whole lot cheaper too.

Dylan Lem said...

it will be better if can show the location by map. still cant find the location :)

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